About Villainess

I’ve been reading fan-translated Japanese light novels for a while now, and one of the tropes I really like is the Otome Game Villainess trope.

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Villainess Chapter 2

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Chapter 2  – The Villainess and Her Mother

It must have been the early morning sunlight that chased away the memories of the nightmare to the back of Vya’s mind, because as soon as she got up and started to get ready for the new day the full impact of what she had just done slammed into her consciousness, rendering her frozen to the spot for seconds.

I told Father.

….I told Father.

A new terror instantly began rising in her chest, and if not for her personal maidservant knocking on her door Vya would have huddled back again on the floor, wishing the dragons in the myths would swallow her whole and alive.

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Villainess Chapter 1

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Chapter 1  – The Villainess and Her Father

Normally, a mansion perched at the top of the land’s tallest mountain would be a very cold place indeed,  if the mountain was not part of the Roess Fire Mountain range which could be aptly described as a clump of volcanoes on the easternmost part of the kingdom covered with lids made out of soil. Continue reading